The Camera Obscura remains one of the simplest and most beautiful means of projection. A pinhole allows a flipped image of a scene to be reflected and projected into a darkened room- a moment of inversion of inside and outside.

Casa Obscura takes this notion of the inverted panorama and gives it a form. The project is an arrangement of stone cabins, adjacent to Myvatn Lake, which permit a panoramic view of the Icelandic landscape, unobstructed by one another. The structure is outside of the 200 meter zone where permanent construction is forbidden. A monumental, stone and turf architecture consistent with Icelandic building tradition is in this interpretation, a project that will age with the landscape and have a sense of permanence and belonging.

All program is organized into this radial plan- northern facing bedrooms welcome the entire range of experiences of the Icelandic landscape, including the northern lights. This outer circle offers privacy by means of its outwardness- dark wooden shutters enclose every window, and when shut, the parlor trick of the camera obscura projects the-live- image of the Icelandic landscape onto the back wall of every bedroom.

It belongs to the earth, is therefore still.

It is witness to the constant motion of the sky.`