KEMERI BOG lookout

Kemeri Bog is one of the most ecologically diverse, and unique ecosystems in all of Europe.

Equal parts wetland and forest, it is home to critical ecological processes. As Eco-tourism becomes an increasingly viable means of protecting fragile ecosystems, an open competition was held for an entryway and visitors center to welcome hikers to the bog’s numerous walkways and entry paths.

The project is a riff on a wrap around porch. It is intended to act as a welcoming, tactile means of observing the immediate surroundings and being a place of rest and respite prior to embarking on the trails.

Dark metal cladding offers a sleek contrast to the texture of undulating, sculptural wooden walls and seating. The constraints and opportunities of the site and climate dictated a contained building as well as a small play area. The extensive seating and ribbon windows let parents keep a watchful eye on their kids as they play, while enjoying a coffee from the cafe or exploring some of the exhibitions outlined in the program.